“Why I Went to the GA” By Hal Fuller, UU Congregation of Fairfax

At the memorial service for Hal Fuller, long-time UUSJ leader, previous Board Co-chair, and member of the UU Congregation of Fairfax, his daughter read his powerful “Why I Went to the GA” essay, which reflects his upbringing in New Mexico. His words then deserve our careful attention now, as our nation continues to wrestle with … Continued

“Taking Note” by the Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker, Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church

This is adapted from my February newsletter column looking at how to be in covenantal relationship in a time of strong emotions around the new President of the U.S. It is easy to assume Unitarian Universalists did not vote for Donald Trump. After all, UU progressive values: immigration issues, equality for GLBTQAI, women’s rights, diversity … Continued

What Is The Matter With Inequality? by Adam Wasserman UU Congregation Fairfax

This is an edited version of a guest sermon delivered at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Montgomery, Alabama, on March 1, 2015. F. Scott Fitzgerald, the great novelist, is probably our country’s most acute observer of the rich. You may have heard one of his frequently quoted statements–“the very rich are different from you and … Continued

Economic Inequality and UU Principles By Gene Mulligan, UU Church of Arlington

Much of the impetus for the Trump and Sanders campaigns is said to stem from voters who are angry about their declining economic circumstances. Income and wealth inequality are growing in our country. What should be done about it? French economist Thomas Piketty writes that the tendency for wealth to accumulate in fewer and fewer … Continued

All Houses Matter By Walter Ellis, Cedar Lane UU Church of Bethesda, MD

Walter Ellis received a 2015 UUSJ Emerging Leader Award at the UUSJ Social Justice Awards Gala last fall. His full remarks are below: Since I only have a few minutes, I figured I’d share an image with you I’ve cribbed from the internet. It’s a sketch that I’ve grown quite fond of. It shows two houses, one … Continued