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Members of the UUSJ Advocacy Corps delivered petitions to Sen. Schumer's staff on Tuesday, May 8 as part of UUSJ's monthly Advocacy Days.

Since mid-February, the UUSJ Advocacy Corps has delivered more than 1,000 letters on healthcare and environmental budget cutting concerns.

View photos form the deliveries on Flickr, and read more about the visits in each edition of our eNews.


  • “Taking Note” by the Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker, Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church Rev.-Kate-Walker-3-260x355

    This is adapted from my February newsletter column looking at how to be in covenantal relationship in a time of strong emotions around the new President of the U.S.

    It is easy to assume Unitarian Universalists did not vote for Donald Trump. After all, UU progressive values: immigration issues, equality for GLBTQAI, women’s rights, diversity of race, ethnicity and religion, accessible and affordable health insurance, and support for people of different physically abilities (to name some), do not align well with many things that Trump has said and policies he proposes. But the assumption is wrong.

    While no one has come to ...