UUSJ’s New Advocacy Corps Visits Capitol Hill

UUSJ Advocacy Corps visits MD Senator Cardin and VA Senator Warner


UUSJ’s Advocacy Corps made its inaugural visit to Capitol Hill on Valentine’s Day, involving 18 members from seven area congregations who visited Maryland’s Senators Cardin and Van Hollen and Virginia’s Senators Warner and Kaine. Participants delivered nearly 200 handwritten letters expressing gratitude and concerns. A major purpose was to establish relationships with key senate staff and discuss UUSJ concerns on immigration and climate justice issues, which are UUSJ priorities, along with escalating inequality. UUSJ’s Advocacy Corps plans regular monthly visits to Capitol Hill on the second Tuesday of the month and welcomes additional members. For further information or to register for the Advocacy Corps, contact Lavona Grow at lavonagrow@mac.com orĀ visit the group page on UUSJ’s website.