UUSJ Immigration Task Group: Advocacy & Growth

On Wednesday, June 14, three members of the Immigration Task Group met with staff at Senator Cardin’s office to discuss and delivered an official UUSJ letter, asking the Senator to support two Senate bills (S.303 and S.668) and oppose three pieces of legislation: H.R.2431 (the Davis Act), H.R.2406 and H.R.2407 not yet in the Senate.

“The Senate bills referenced above do comport with these standards while the House bills violate them and are anathema to our principles as Unitarian Universalists. We ask you to continue to work to ensure our immigration laws are humane, just and fair.” Read the full letter to learn more about each bill and how they align with our first Principle, “The Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person”…

The UUSJ’s Immigration Steering Committee has new membership: Ron Outen (Cedar Lane UU Church), Charlotte Jones Carroll (UU Church of Arlington), Sean McCarthy (UU Church of Rockville), Paola Renjito (UU Church of Arlington) and Hal Fuller (UU Congregation of Fairfax). The Committee is always looking for volunteers, as there is much to do. If interested, contact Dean Wanderer at deanwanderer@verizon.net.