UUSJ Board Election Results for July 2017 – June 2018

The Board held elections during its Saturday, June 3 meeting. Bob Denniston of Arlington was elected Board Chair as John Gubbings steps away from that role. Martha Ades of Fairfax was elected Secretary as Bill Alsmeyer-Johnson steps away from that role. The Vice Chair slot remains open. The Treasurer position is held under temporary appointment by John Gubbings, who will step down as soon as feasible. We thank John and Bill warmly for their service as UUSJ officers. We welcome Bob and Martha with sincere appreciation.

On the new officers: Bob Denniston is a former co-chair of UUSJ, having served two two-year terms.  He’s been a member of the UU Church of Arlington for 20 years and has been a General Assembly delegate 12 times.  He recently retired.  Martha Ades is a member of the UU Congregation of Fairfax and has been a UU for 15 years. She’s been Fairfax’s Board representative to UUSJ for four years, the social justice lay minister at Fairfax for two years, and secretary of many organizations.  She’s the current chair of the Program Committee and was on the Search Committee for the current Executive Director.

The UUSJ Board is currently composed of:

  • Ed Kringer, alternate, Accotink UU Church
  • Armele Vilceus, member, All Souls Church, Unitarian
  • Brendan Orsinger, alternate, All Souls Church, Unitarian
  • Larry Underwood, member, Bull Run UU Church
  • Frances Barlas, alternate, Bull Run UU Church
  • John Gubbings, member, at large, Cedar Lane UU Church
  • Pat Karlsen, member, at large, Cedar Lane UU Church
  • Kay Scott, member, Cedar Lane UU Church
  • Rachel Perry, member, Davies Memorial UU Church
  • Linda Doyle, member, Mount Vernon Unitarian Church
  • Janet Overton, member, Paint Branch UU Church
  • Carmelita Carter-Sykes, alternate, Paint Branch UU Church
  • Loretta Garcia, member, River Road UU Congregation
  • Jana Kirkman, member, River Road UU Congregation
  • Christopher Croft, NEW member, Towson UU Church
  • Hannah Connolly, member, UU Church of Arlington
  • Frank Corsoro, alternate, UU Church of Arlington
  • Lavona Grow, member, at large, UU Church of Arlington
  • Al Carlson, member, UU Church in Reston
  • Roger McIntire, member, UU Congregation of Columbia
  • Betsy Osterman, alternate, UU Congregation of Columbia
  • Ed Butterworth, alternate, UU Congregation of Fairfax
  • Sean McCarthy, member, UU Congregation of Rockville
  • Nancy Sorden, member, Washington Ethical Society