UU Service Committee Launches Choose Compassionate Comsumption Program

money chalice

UUSC is launching a new consumer advocacy initiative called Choose Compassionate Consumption (CCC) — and I want you to join us!

Through the CCC initiative, you and other UUSC supporters can form a powerful consumer block promoting workers’ rights, fair trade, and a living wage. Together with UUSC, you can act on your commitment to a fair economy by spending wisely, in alignment with your values.

Take the first step today. Sign the Choose Compassionate Consumption pledge.

When you sign the pledge, we will send you one of the new CCC credit-card sleeves. These free credit-card sleeves include a tip guide and questions to consider in making a values-driven purchase. The sleeves have been produced by a socially responsible vendor that provides employment opportunities to at-risk adults. These sleeves are available for free to the first 1,500 people to sign the CCC pledge

Join the grassroots network of consumer advocates who will advance workers’ rights, fair trade, and a living wage. Sign the pledge today.