UU Service Committee has Facebook Page for Volunteers

Connect with UUSC volunteers from around the country by joining their new Facebook group for UUSC Volunteer Network members and event coordinators!

Many volunteers have told us that they are eager for the opportunity to connect with their fellow UUSC volunteers in other congregations. UUSC created this Facebook group for volunteers as a forum for the volunteer network to communicate together in an unstructured format. We anticipate this new tool will help connect UUSC volunteers for issues discussion, mutual support and encouragement, brainstorming and idea-sharing. 

Enrollment in this group will be reserved for UUSC volunteers.  To join the group, go to www.facebook.com/groups/volunteerservices/ and click on “Ask to Join Group” in the upper-right hand corner. We will continue to have monthly conference calls on UUSC program topics, but this additional tool is available at any time you would like to get some input or share your thoughts and activities.

Join the group now to start talking with other volunteers! It’s a space to discuss UUSC events (such as Guest at Your Table and Justice Sunday), human-rights issues, and strategies that you have developed for raising awareness of UUSC in your congregation.

If you have any questions or comments about using Facebook and about this Facebook group, please let us know at   volunteerservices(at)uusc.org. We welcome all of your feedback.

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