Race and Reconciliation Monthly Gathering and Conversation- Second Sundays, Columbia, MD

study groupSecond Sundays, 1:00pm
WisdomWell, 8955 Guilford Rd, Suite 240, Columbia, MD
We are still in a lot of pain around the color of skin and its implications in our country. If we want to discuss wellness- or stay well in the midst of actually beginning to redress this issue- we must have spaces to talk and practices around sharing, learning and healing. Come and share and practice ways of staying well in your own body while healing our community by recognizing and sharing our views/learning of the proverbial elephant in the room. (Or turd in the punchbowl as Mama D would say ūüėȬ†¬†This Color & Conversation event happens on the second¬†Sunday¬†of every month.¬†¬†The August 9 gathering will mark one year since these conversations began.


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