Fund Our Communities, Bring the War Dollars Home Coalition in Maryland



This campaign is aimed at generating a tidal wave of support for cutting military spending to fund domestic needs. Its aim is to make Washington understand that most citizens/ taxpayers want a halt to spending on misguided or wasteful military programs that don’t promote our true security. Grassroots coalitions in Maine and Massachusetts pioneered this movement and inspired Marylanders to form this campaign.  Three states can roll out a national bandwagon, don’t you agree- if not us from “blue” states, who?


One strategy of Fund our Communities is to partner with local and Maryland state political leaders in telling our Federal representatives that their constituents demand a change in national priorities. Local and state elected leaders have clout–Congress and the political establishment listen to them. So Fund our Communities enlisted two key sympathetic members of the Maryland General Assembly in composing a letter with that message (attached, also in link below). The plan is for us all to persuade as many of our state legislators as possible to sign the letter before it is sent to Maryland’s U.S. Senators Mikulski and Cardin and all eight Maryland Congressional representatives.


State Senator Jamie Raskin and Delegate Sheila Hixson sent a memo on January 20 to their colleagues in the Maryland General Assembly, asking them to sign this joint letter to our Congressional delegation. The letter requests Congress to cut the Pentagon budget by at least 25% over the next five years and reallocate that money to domestic priorities, where it is needed.   

Now it is up to us to convince our state representatives to sign these letters.  You as an individual citizen can easily ask that of the senator and delegates from your district by following this link for the e-advocacy form for the Maryland General Assembly: 




We also invite you to explore the   website to learn more about the mission and members of

Fund our Communities: