Film Screening: “Green Gold”

Event Details

6:30pm (supper), 7:00pm (movie & discussion)
Please bring a dish to share or make a small donation!
Cosponsored by the Washington Ethical Society
Speaker: Margaret Morgan-Hubbard, Founder and CEO of Eco City Farms, social justice organizer, educator and environmentalist

Landscape restoration does not only change ecological function, it changes the socio-economic function and the intention of human society. So if the intention of human society is to extract, to manufacture, to buy and sell things, then we are still going to have a lot of problems. But when we generate an understanding that the natural ecological functions that create air, water, food and energy are vastly more valuable than anything that has ever been produced or bought and sold, or anything that ever will be produced and bought and sold – this is the point where we turn the corner to a consciousness which is much more sustainable. (Environmental filmmaker John D. Liu, 50 min)

After the film screening, there will be a discussion with Margaret Morgan-Hubbard. A seasoned social justice organizer, educator and environmentalist, Margaret Morgan-Hubbard has a fertile mind practiced in translating ideas into action.  Margaret is committed to mentoring young people in creating meaningful and purposeful lives, and to finishing the equity work her generation began, but lost track of. She is particularly interested in providing venues and opportunities for diverse groups of people to collaborate together toward a better, more peaceful and just world that respects Mother Nature. She is firm believer in thinking globally and acting locally, and manifesting the change she wants to see in the world: one farm, one farmer, one kohlrabi and carrot at a time.

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