UUSJ Advocacy Corps Interested in making regular visits to members of Congress? Stay vigilant as Senators look for ways to act on healthcare! Millions are still at risk of losing their healthcare as Senate leaders hold onto their desire to repeal and replace the ACA. Urge your senators to support bipartisan efforts to fix the … Continued

Mobilizing Voters for the 2016 Elections

  In the United States, the right to vote is a hard-won privilege that gives citizens an opportunity to influence government. When casting a ballot, voters express their preferences for a candidate or views on issues. The contentious political climate in the US today is giving voters a lot to think about. For UUs, guided … Continued

UUSJ Board Meeting – Sept. 17th at Washington Ethical Society

Now that fall is upon us (doesn’t feel like it) it’s time to gather to kick off the new UUSJ year! The location for our UUSJ Board meeting on Sept. 17 has finely been confirmed for UU Church of Arlington. We will gather at 2:30pm and the meeting will be from 3-5pm followed by a … Continued