Reflections on Labor Day: Automation — Job Enhancer rather than Destroyer? by Terry Steichen, UU Church of Fairfax

Labor Day calls attention to the concern that many are worried that increasing automation within the workplace will further accelerate the already-unacceptable level of job loss.  As is clearly evident, the  growing gap between the dividend-clipping wealthy and those who make their living with real, salaried jobs is huge and still growing, exacerbating the wealth … Continued

What the ADA Has Meant to Me by Alexandra Dixon, UU Church of Fairfax

I was born in 1982 in Bogotá, Colombia with a condition called Spina Bifida.  Spina Bifida is when the spine doesn’t close correctly when the fetus is being formed in the mother.  It causes neurological damage from the opening of the spine on down.  When I was born, my parents were told that I would … Continued

“Act for a Livable Climate” Action of Immediate Witness Passes at 2015 UUA General Assembly by Doris Marlin

As heat records were being set for the month of June in Portland, Oregon, Unitarian Universalists were stepping up to leadership for a Strong and Compassionate Global Climate Agreement in December 2015.  The 10+-person “Act for a Livable Climate” Clipboard Team collected 500+ signatures that led to the overwhelming Action of Immediate Witness adoption by the 2015 General … Continued

Why I Believe Black Lives Matter by John Harris

As a Unitarian Universalist who takes the seven principles to heart, I do believe that “All Lives Matter”. So, why do I wear a button that reads “Black Lives Matter”? First let me clear up a misconception; “Black Lives Matter” does not say that other lives don’t matter. There are sections of our society that are saying (overtly or covertly) that black lives matter less.

Elizabeth Fogarty of UU Church of Arlington – Coming Out With Pride

This Pride story begins one evening in 2008 around the dinner table. Our older daughter, Claire, then a high school senior, said she had something important to tell us. And then she came out as a lesbian. To say I was surprised is an understatement. I asked her if she was sure. Her sister, Margaret, … Continued