These are the documents for the UUSJ Board Meeting on February 4, 2017; they will be updated after the meeting, so please check back.

2017-02-04 Final Board Meeting Agenda UPDATED as of 2017-02-02

2016-09-17 Board Meeting Minutes Final as of 2017-01-12

UUSJ FY2016-17 Donation Report UPDATED as of 2017-02-14 (changes indicated in red)

UUSJ FY2016-17 Budget Report thru Dec 2016 as of 2017-01-29

UUSJ December Financial Report as of 2017-01-29

UUSJ FY2016-17 Treasurer Report thru Dec 2016 DRAFT

UUSJ Executive Director’s Report NEW as of 2017-02-02

UUSJ Committee and Task Force Reports UPDATED as of 2017-01-31

UUSJ Board List UPDATED as of 2017-01-24

Additional Resources

By-Laws Revision v0-4 as of 2017-01-23

Member Congregations and Board Members Roles, Responsibilities, and Opportunities & UUSJ Committee List 2016-09-16

UUSJ Strategic Plan 2013-15 (10) as of 9-15-2013