Beyond PCM: UUSJ pushes to build a Climate Justice Movement

On Saturday, April 29, 100 UUs joined 200,000 people from all over the country and converged on Washington, DC for the People’s Climate Movement and marched for climate, jobs, and justice. After pre-march fellowship and street art in the morning, UUs set out under the banner of “the seas are rising and so are we” to join others in the Keepers of Faith contingent. In order to build a sustainable UU climate justice movement, All Souls Church, Unitarian hosted around 70 UUs at their UU Fest after the march and held special climate justice Sunday services with guest preacher, Johnnie Aseron of the Inter-National Initiative for Transformative Collaboration. After the second service, over 30 UUs took advantage of more opportunities for movement building with a UUSJ and Commit2Respond Write Here! Write Now! letter writing campaign, the nationwide launch of the Carbon Footprint Game, and a panel and discussion on climate justice for frontline communities.

UUSJ is working beyond the People’s Climate Movement to create a focused, practical, and highly effective faith community movement on climate justice. By working together as UUs and people of faith, we can hold elected leaders accountable for their public commitments to reduce carbon emissions and transition to clean energy.

Help us build the faith-based, climate justice movement by: reviewing the UUA presidential candidate responses on climate justice, attend the next UU Green Activists – Environment and Climate Justice Task Force meeting on Saturday, June 17, and join the UUSJ Advocacy Corps to deliver letters.