1. Set your browser to http://www.uusj.net/wp1/wp-admin/

2. Type in username and password

3. On the left hand side, click on the header Posts -> Add New

Adding a Post

4. Enter title of post and content (Note: make sure to paste text in HTML mode):
i. To bold text: highlight desired text and click ‘b’
ii. To italicize text: highlight desired text and click ‘i’
iii. To add link: highlight desired text and click ‘link’
iv. To insert picture: make sure cursor is at beginning of body text; then, click on picture icon (two squares right of ‘Upload/Insert’); click on ‘Select Files’ and choose picture to upload from your computer; make sure alignment is set to ‘Left’ and size to either Medium or Thumbnail; then, click ‘Insert into Post’

Inserting a Picture

Key to navigating the ‘Add New Page’ form:
A = Insert title
B = Insert body text (if pasting, make sure that HTML mode, as opposed to Visual mode, is selected)
B-1 = Insert picture (first icon)
C = Select relevant categories
D = Insert appropriate tags
E = Save draft
F = Publish post
G = Log out

5. Before publishing:
i. Select appropriate category in bottom right hand side box (i.e. Anti-Racism, Anti-Torture, Environment, etc.)
ii. Type in appropriate tags on right hand side, separating terms with commas (i.e. events, Maryland, etc)
iii. If you do not want to allow comments, be sure to unclick ‘Allow comments on this post’ and ‘Allow trackbacks and pingbacks’ at bottom of page
iv. To save draft without publishing, simply click on ‘Save Draft’ at top right hand side, and then navigate away from page (you can later revisit the draft under Pages -> Edit)
v. To publish, select ‘Publish’ at top right hand side of page

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