UUSJ VISION                  
We envision a peaceful, just and environmentally sustainable world.

Our mission is to mobilize and amplify the voice of Unitarian Universalists in the National Capital Region  (NCR) as we seek to change the world through acts of love and justice.

UUs—Let's keep the
Democracy Awakening momentum going!

  • Get the Write Here! Write Now! letter-writing toolkit. Use it in your congregation to call on Congress to restore voting rights and restrict money in politics.

  • Schedule a UUSJ advocacy training session for your congregation. Contact Elizabeth at info@uusj.org.

  • Participate in the UUA 'Voting Rights & Mobilizing for the 2016 Electoral Season' webinar, Wednesday, May 18, 7:00pm ET.

  • Attend the Democracy Awakening follow-up meeting. Please check back for details.

  • Work locally! Support small donor financing in DC and learn more about dcfairelections.com.

    Commentary: Becoming an Environmental Activist

    By Natalie Pien, UU Church of Loudoun, VA


    'The path that led me to become the 2015 UUSJ Environmental Award recipient began many decades ago. While in high school, I read Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. It had a profound effect on me. I was awakened to the negative impact man can have on nature. I felt it was so wrong and I wanted to do something, but did not know what. Instead, I did the typical things people do in life. I went to college, travelled, earned 2 master’s degrees, raised a family, and worked, all the while keeping Rachel Carson’s awareness carefully tucked away inside me. It was not until nearly 40 years after reading Silent Spring did I address the environmental activist inside me.'' Read the full commentary...